Web Development

The web is deeply woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. The importance and value of a high-quality web presence cannot be understated, and the public perception of an organization’s professionalism can often be highly influenced by the quality of one’s web presence. Exuding this air of professionalism requires providing a high-quality web presence for any and all users who may enter a website looking for more information. The quality of said web presence must be as high as possible regardless of what platform or device website is accessed from, meaning that websites are to be designed with a mobile first development mentality that is capable of providing responsive content that will automatically adjust itself for the best possible end-user experience.

Print Media

Print media remains an important and indispensable aspect of the marketing and business worlds. An understanding of the materials and production systems involved in producing physical content is necessary to achieve a satisfying tactile product that is lent meaning and value as a result of its aesthetics.

Documentation & Organization

The capabilities to create clear concise documentation and organize project assets appropriately are both critically important skills, and are indispensable components of a professional workflow. This is especially true for technically complex projects, which often require some level of explanation or demystification for the benefit of the client. Consistent documentation is also valuable since it provides accountability and reduces project creep, saving everyone time and money.

Motion Design

Motion design and animation can be useful in web, mobile, film, television, and presentation building. The depth, complexity, and nuance in animation means that producing high quality animations can be tricky, and even an untrained eye will spot when things don’t look quite right. This is why attention to detail and an understanding of the various mechanics involved in producing animated content is so important, especially when working on a project where the complexity requires contributions from multiple team members, often across multiple disciplines.